The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Decorating your Wall Hanging Christmas Tree Like a Pro

As Christmas tree makers, we often get asked for our top tips for decorating wall hanging trees, including what hook type to use, what’s the best way to hang baubles and what type of lights to use. To help you prepare for the festive season, we’ve pulled together a handy list of step by step instructions, so you can easily decorate your tree like a professional.

 Step 1: Gather your Christmas tree and decorations
Noel Christmas tree decoration

Collect all your Christmas tree decorations and accessories together, along with your tree - gathering them will help you to identify if you’re missing anything.  Here’s our go-to checklist:

  • Christmas tree - if it’s been in storage give your tree a dust with a dry microfibre cloth.
  • Christmas tree lights - do a quick test to check the lights are working. After all it’s much easier to fix lights before they’re added to the tree.
  • Decorations - group your baubles and other tree accessories together, and if any need cleaning after being in storage, don’t forget to follow the care instructions provided.
  • Hanging supplies - whether you’re using yarn, ribbon or string to hang decorations, gather these together along with your sharpened scissors.

Top tip: Whether you’re going for a traditional, minimal or whimsical tree look, adding some homemade accessories always adds a new element - explore our easy DIY videos for some ideas.

 Step 2: Choose your wall

Selecting a wall for your wall hanging Christmas tree

Select the wall where you’re going to display your tree. We recommend having a clear line of sight – so a space that is clear of furniture, TVs or other accessories.

Top tip: One of the big advantages of having a wall hanging Christmas tree is they are easy to secure out of reach of curious family members. So, if you have little hands and paws to think about, don’t forget to select a wall that enables you to safely elevate your tree.

Step 3: Place your hook
Hooks for your wall hanging Christmas tree

Now that you’ve picked your wall, it’s time to position and secure your hook. We recommend using a temporary adhesive hook, that can easily be removed without damage at the end of the festive season. Some of our favourites include Command hooks and Command Canvas Hangers be sure to read the weight guidelines to ensure the hook can hold the weight of your tree and your decorations. Depending on the hook used, you may need to wait for the adhesive to activate before hanging anything on the tree.

Top tip: If your selected wall has an existing hook (perhaps you’re temporarily removing a piece of artwork to make room for your Christmas tree!), don’t forget to check the hook can hold the weight of tree and your Christmas decorations combined.

Step 4: Add your lights

While Christmas lights aren’t a must, if you are going to be adding lights to your look we suggest adding them before decorations are added. We recommend starting at the top and zig zagging from right to left. Depending on your tree’s size and your design, you may require one or more sets.

Top tip: Wire string lights are our favourite type of lights to use - they are light, easy to wrap around each branch, and no adhesive is required.

Step 5:  Decorate your tree
Decorating your wall hanging Christmas tree

Now the step you’ve been waiting for - it’s time to hang your Christmas tree decorations and baubles. Your ornaments can be attached to the tree in a variety of ways - our favourite is to loop under the branch and secure using a knot or bow.

Top tip:  To add interest to your tree, we recommend experimenting with using a variety of different lengths of ribbon, yarn and string to display your ornaments.

Step 6:  Dress the bottom of tree
Dressing the bottom of your wall hanging Christmas tree

The tree is decorated, there's only one final step -  dress the base. Complete your festive look by adding your favourite ornaments, presents or stockings. Or, if you’re looking to achieve a more minimal look, a couple of our go-to accessories are stools and plants.

Top tip:  If you have any Christmas tree light wires that are visible, presents or gift bags are a great way to conceal these.

Looking for more ideas to accessorise your wall hanging Christmas tree? Visit us over on Instagram for our latest DIY creations