The Story Behind Every Tree

The Giving Christmas Tree - The Story Behind Every Tree

At The Giving Christmas Tree our story started like many businesses do - solving a problem. We wanted to create a Christmas tree that ticks every box - affordable, sustainably made, space saving, pet and child friendly, and above all fits with your modern home.

This idea was conceived during a turbulent time. It was November 2020. I had just lost my Mum. She had a long fight with Parkinson’s, and the toughest part was that she and our family were denied a goodbye.

I will forever remember Mum as a maker – a proud homemaker, a delicious food maker and a talented dressmaker. 

On my return home to Perth after being away for the funeral, Christmas was approaching - it was our first back in Australia after living overseas for seven years.

I searched for a tree that would complement our home's modern look and feel.  Finding only traditional, overpriced (I’m talking close to a thousand dollars), huge trees, I thought screw it, what would Mum do – make one!

Over Christmas we hosted family and friends, and they asked where I had “bought the wall hanging tree”, and I shared that I had made it.

Fast forward a year, and The Giving Christmas Tree was born, with a name that is a nod to Mum. A donation to Parkinson’s research will be made from every tree purchase to help discover a cure for this heartbreaking disease.

 We hope you’re as excited as us to hang together this Christmas.

 Theresa x